Is RPM Or Cache More Important?

Does HDD RPM affect gaming?

Yes, your games will load slower at the start and any hard drive access during playing will slow things down and cause lag spikes.

Sometimes it may seem like a lot, but if your still loading and someone else is already in the game and got 4 kills, it puts you at a disadvantage..

Is RPM or cache more important?

Greater RPM will give faster speeds of transfer and also better read and write speeds. Cache is used to store the instructions given to the HDD. … For better performance of installed applications and higher rpm will be better.

Is higher HDD cache better?

The bigger your cache is, the more smoothly it will run, and the better it will be at temporarily storing and holding on to data as your hard drive writes it.

Is a 7200rpm hard drive good for gaming?

It is without a doubt, the best all round internal hard drive for gaming. … We’ve named the Western Digital 14TB Ultrastra our top large capacity internal hard drive. It’s 7200RPM, as you’d expect, and comes with a 512MB cache which is much more efficient than any large storage on the market right now.