Is The Independent Left Wing?

Who is the independent owned by?

It tends to take a pro-market stance on economic issues.

The newspaper was controlled by Tony O’Reilly’s Irish Independent News & Media from 1997 until it was sold to the Russian businessman Alexander Lebedev in 2010.

In 2017, Saudi Arabian investor bought a 30% stake in the Independent..

Is the sun left or right wing?

Tabloid newspapersTitleDays of publicationPolitical orientationThe SunDailyRight-wing, conservativeThe Sun on SundaySundaysDaily MirrorDailyCentre-leftSunday MirrorSundays8 more rows

Is the Daily Mirror left wing?

Bartholomew and Hugh Cudlipp. With Cecil King (Rothermere’s nephew) in charge of the paper’s finances and Guy Bartholomew as editor, during the late 1930s the Mirror was transformed from a conservative, middle class newspaper into a left-wing paper for the working class.

Is the independent online free?

Click here to download the Independent app free of charge This area is updated throughout the day, and is completely free to use. … It will also bring readers special editions of major news and sport, offering more updates of curated, beautifully presented content than any other newspaper app.

What political leaning is the times?

The TimesFront-page of The Times from 19 October 2015TypeDaily newspaperEditorJohn WitherowFounded1 January 1785 (as The Daily Universal Register)Political alignmentConservative, centre-right9 more rows

Which UK papers are left wing?

Socialist Worker – from the Socialist Workers Party. Sunday Mirror – sister newspaper to Daily Mirror, published every Sunday. Weekly Worker – from the Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee). Solidarity – from the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty.

Is independent a reliable source?

Independence alone is not a guarantee that the source is accurate or reliable for a given purpose. Independent sources may be outdated, self-published, mistaken, or not have a reputation for fact-checking.

Which party is right wing in USA?

The term family values has been used by right-wing parties such as the Republican Party in the United States, the Family First Party in Australia, the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom and the Bharatiya Janata Party in India to describe support for traditional families and opposition to the changes the modern …

Are Republicans conservative?

Social policies. The Republican Party is generally associated with social conservative policies, although it does have dissenting centrist and libertarian factions. The social conservatives want laws that uphold their traditional values, such as opposition to same-sex marriage, abortion, and marijuana.

Is the metro left or right wing?

While being a sister paper to the conservative Daily Mail, the newspaper has never endorsed any political party or candidate, and claims to take a neutral political stance in its reporting.

What are left wing views?

Left-wing politics supports social equality and egalitarianism, often in opposition to social hierarchy. It typically involves a concern for those in society whom its adherents perceive as disadvantaged relative to others as well as a belief that there are unjustified inequalities that need to be reduced or abolished.

Who owns the sun?

Rupert MurdochThe man who owns The Sun, Rupert Murdoch, is back in the news again. The 81-year-old’s been giving evidence to the Leveson Inquiry into ethics in the media industry.

Which US party is left wing?

Peter Berkowitz writes that in the U.S., the term liberal “commonly denotes the left wing of the Democratic Party” and has become synonymous with the word progressive.

What is the most respected British newspaper?

The GuardianThe Guardian is the most trusted newspaper brand in the UK, a study by a non-partisan media research organisation has found. The research, conducted by the US-based Pew Research Centre, found the Guardian was particularly trusted among readers aged 18 to 29.