Question: Can I Pass IPCC In 2 Months?

Can I clear IPCC in 3 months?

So we have sufficient time for exam preparation.

ICAI already had declared CA IPCC results of May 2018.

Just follow this study plan, you can crack your CA IPCC exam in your 1st attempt easily.

You can adjust this study plan from 3 months to 2 months..

Is IPCC difficult to pass?

Every student of Chartered Accountancy wants to crack the IPCC exam in one attempt. But, passing IPCC in the first attempt is not as difficult as it is formulated to be. Many of the ambitious minds clear it in the opening shot and even get ranks.

How can I crack IPCC in 30 days?

The CA IPCC syllabus is huge and you need to approach it meticulously and strategically. You need to study at least 12 to 15 hours a day, split into 3 hours of study with small breaks. Avoid all distractions. Until you complete the exam, plan your daily schedule split into two parts, study, and sleep.

Can I get job after IPCC?

IPCC cleared students are known as Semi Qualified. There are job opportunities available for semi qualified persons in the market. The kind of job for a fresher semi qualified (after completion of articleship with a CA) is accountants, audit assistant, taxation, finance, banking etc.

How can I crack IPCC Group 2?

To crack this exam, you must revise atleast three times the entire course. Most of the students who have joined their articleship can give only 3-4 hours to their study and full day only on sunday or some holiday. You have 2.5 months to prepare for group – 2.

How do I clear both groups of CA Inter?

How to Clear CA Intermediate Both Groups in First AttemptMake a genuine plan – Planning is the first step from where you can start. … Execution of the Plan – Never ever procrastinate your study. … Stay away from the Social Media – Social Media at your exam time can prove a big disaster for you.More items…

Is CPT exam difficult?

The CPT exam is extremely tough, but with enough practice, you should be able to pass it. The CA journey is long and hard, but if you have the dedication, you can sail through the tough exams and strenuous articleship, and on towards a bright future.

Can I pass IPCC one month?

In one month, you can not prepare every topic in the CA IPCC course. So have a look on CA IPCC Syllabus and weightage. Prepare only high weightage and easy topics. Some topics are very easy to prepare and have more weightage than other topics.

How many attempts are allowed for IPCC?

8 attemptsIntermediate Course students – IPCC: Initial registration for then IPCC, now Intermediate (IPC) Course is valid for 4 years. That means 8 attempts. (yearly two) After 4 years you should revalidate it for another 4 years.

Is IPCC Group 2 tough?

IPCC Group 2 is not difficult. We make it difficult. Our carelessness make it difficult. Out attitude makes it difficult.

Which group is easy in CA final?

It depends on liking for the subjects. People who enjoy theory/law , 1st group is much more easier to clear than 2nd group. Those who are comfortable with costing and tax , finds 2nd group much more comfortable.

Can I pass IPCC in 15 days?

I prepared for the same very thoroughly in the last 4 days completely. And small chapters of practical subjects were revised by me earlier, so didn’t spend extra time on it during 15 days leave period. I cleared my IPCC in 15 days as I was pretty sure if I strengthen my weakness, I will clear.

What are the subjects in IPCC?

IPCC Syllabus Paper 1: Accounting.IPCC Syllabus Paper 2: Business Laws, Ethics and Communication.IPCC Syllabus Paper 3: Cost Accounting and Financial Management.IPCC Syllabus Paper 4: Taxation.VAT (25 marks)GROUP II.IPCC Syllabus Paper 5: Advanced Accounting.IPCC Syllabus Paper 6: Auditing and Assurance.

How can I study CA Inter?

5 Useful Preparation Tips to Clear CA Intermediate ExamsKnow the Syllabus, Create a Study Plan and revise all Topics and Subjects. … Timely Revision is Key to Success in CA Intermediate Exams. … Focus on Thorough Understanding of Topics Rather than Mugging up. … Solving Previous Years Papers, ICAI mock Papers and RTPs is a right Approach. … Proper Time Management is Mandatory.

Do IPCC attempts matter?

Number of attempts in IPCC also do matter as there are quite a few job profiles that expressly mention the restriction on the number of attempts. However, the attempts in CA Final are far more important as these are most recent ones prior to your job.

How many hours a CA student should sleep?

7 hoursSleep for a minimum of 7 hours every night and eat healthy nutritious meals. Also, remember to hydrate yourself by drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Can IPCC be cleared without coaching?

Yes, one can easily pass CA IPCC without any coaching. For passing ICAI exams you only need good study material, notes etc. Just talk with your seniors and they will suggest you good books. I have cleared my CA Final without any coaching.

How can I clear IPCC Group 2 in 45 days?

The time is enough for preparation of IPCC group 2. Prepare a schedule for each subject and complete the 3 subjects syllabus in 40 days and keep 5 days for revision. Concentrate on the subject which you are the most confident about. Strictly stick to the ICAI Study Mat and Practice Manual.