Question: Can Telstra Change My Plan Without My Consent?

How can I get out of my Telstra lease?

Mobile Lease plans are no longer available.


Choose a new phone on a 24 month device payment term and add it to a month-to-month mobile plan.

Then pay a one-off upgrade fee of $99 (or $0 after 18 months) and return your old phone to us in good working order within 14 days..

Can you get out of a phone contract without paying?

You can cancel your contract early, free of charge if you’re within the cooling-off period or if your network provider raised their price. Cancelling your contract at any other time can be expensive. You’ll usually have to pay the cost of the outstanding term in full.

What is the cheapest mobile plan with Telstra?

SIM-only | 40GB data | AU$55 per month This is Telstra’s cheapest SIM-only plan, but we won’t beat around the bush, it’s not the most affordable offering out there. But, the telco is offering a few perks in exchange.

Can I upgrade my Telstra plan early?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan once a month in the My Telstra App. Find the right mobile plan for you and switch online. If you signed up before 25 June 2019 – you can change your plan, however you may incur Early Termination Charges.

When must I change to NBN?

Moving to the NBN is not automatic Once NBN has announced your area is ready for service, you will generally have 18 months to move your landline phone and internet services to the new NBN network. Some service providers might have shorter timeframes.

How long before your contract ends can you upgrade?

Can I upgrade before my contract ends?NetworkYou will be eligible to upgrade (to the same network)EE45 days before your contract end dateOrange (to EE)45 days before your contract end dateT-Mobile (to EE)45 days before your contract end dateVodafone75 days before your contract end date1 more row

Do I take my NBN box when I move?

Yes, however nbn prefers the nbn™ connection box and power supply is connected to fixed power point where possible. … If you need to have the nbn™ connection box or the cables relocated, contact your service provider. They should be able to advise you of the cost and arrange for a technician to move the equipment.

What is the best Telstra bundle?

Best Telstra TV bundle If you want to add entertainment to your plan, Telstra’s $99 per month plan is your best bet. On top of unlimited data and Standard Plus speeds (for NBN customers), Telstra will throw in a Telstra TV 3 set-top box.

How early can you upgrade with Telstra?

If you’re upgrading after 12 months, rather than paying an ETC (Early Termination Charge), you instead can pay a $99 upgrade fee, or $0 after 18 months. You just need to also ensure your handset is returned, in good working order, within 14 days of entering into your new eligible handset and mobile service plan.

How much does it cost to cancel a Telstra contract?

Cancellation fees for a Home Phone and Internet would be $15 for each remaining month of the contract. Therefore if you have 18 months of your contract remaining, the Break of Contract fee would be $270.

How do I cancel my Belong mobile plan?

To cancel your service, submit a request here. We can look at your disconnection options, make sure you’re getting all the benefits available from your Belong service or address any problems you may have with your service.

What is the cheapest mobile plan in Australia?

Here are the best cheap mobile phone plans in AustraliaSmall Cheap Mobile Plan: Woolworths $10 Prepaid.Medium Cheap Phone Plan: Moose Mobile $14 SIM Only.Large Cheap Mobile Plan: Circles.Life 100GB Monthly Plan.Mega Cheap Phone Plan: Moose Mobile $36 SIM Only.Also Consider: Cheapest plans on Telstra 4G.More items…•

Does Telstra still do new phone feeling?

After 12 months, you can use New Phone Feeling to upgrade your mobile for just $149. And if you’re a Telstra Platinum Mobile customer, you won’t have to pay this fee. Once you’ve confirmed that your current phone is in good condition, return it to any Telstra Business Centre.

How long is left on my Telstra contract?

Checking your Contract End Date with the Telstra 24×7 App Open the Telstra 24×7 App, click the menu icon as shown below and select ‘My Usage’. Press ‘My Plan’ at the top of the screen. From here, you can view your end of contract date as well as how much it will cost to change/cancel your contract.

Can Telstra change my plan?

You can change your plan in the My Telstra app or My Account. … You can upgrade or downgrade your plan once a month in the My Telstra app or My Account.

Can I get out of a Telstra contract?

The first step is to register a complaint with Telstra and ask that you be removed from their service (the quickest way to do this is by calling 13 2200 and saying “complaint”.) You will need to talk your way up the chain to a supervisor or manager who has authorisation to cancel your contract.

How do I change my belong plan?

To change your plan:Sign in to your Belong app or account using your email address and password.From your dashboard, choose Manage service.Next, select your new plan.Confirm your change by clicking on Upgrade Service.

What does $30 Telstra Prepaid get you?

$30 Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit Enjoy included calls, texts and data with each recharge. Purchase a SIM Starter Kit and activate on this plan. Data Bank – Save up to 200GB of unused data when you recharge before expiry. Get 15GB bonus data on your first three recharges.