Question: What Does Save Face Mean?

What is maintaining face?

In many cultures, such as Asian and Arabic, there is an important concept called keeping face.

This means that in social situations, it is important for each person to maintain respect and dignity from those they are interacting with.

Second, face is an impression that someone makes about you..

How can I save my face at work?

7 things you can do to save face after a mistake at workDon’t panic.Take ownership.Apologize.Find the solution. Compose yourself as much as you need but remember — there’s still an error that needs to be fixed. … Keep it in perspective.Appreciate the journey. Did you know mistakes can actually drive creativity and innovation? … Remember, it happens.

What is self face?

According to Ting-Toomey, face, in essence, is a projected image of one’s self in a relational situation and is an identity that is conjointly defined by the participants in a setting.

What does the expression save face mean?

: to avoid having other people lose respect for oneself He tried to save face by working overtime.

Why is it important to save face?

To save face means simply to maintain one’s dignity. Conversely, to lose face would mean to be humiliated, or lose one’s reputation… … Clearly, for these types of people, face-saving during a negotiation because a larger issue. Angry or hostile behavior can result when a negotiator’s self-worth feels threatened.

What is face saving behavior?

an act in which one attempts to uphold one’s dignity, as by redressing a social blunder or compensating for a poor impression one has made. Face-saving behavior is an aspect of impression management. See also facework.

What does saving face mean in China?

The Chinese concept of “face” (aka 面子 or miànzi) refers to a cultural understanding of respect, honor and social standing. … Because “saving face” is such a strong motivating force in China, it’s also one of the most important concepts in understanding the Chinese Mind.

What does I need face mean?

to receive oral sex. … See more words with the same meaning: oral sex, ‘go down on’.

What does give them face mean?

Verb. give face. (idiomatic, slang) To perform oral sex (on a female).

Where did the term save face come from?

Hence save-face adj. = face-saving … Originally used by the English community in China, with reference to the continual devices among the Chinese to avoid incurring or inflicting disgrace. The exact phrase appears not to occur in Chinese, but ‘to lose face’ (diu lien), and ‘for the sake of his face’, are common.

Why is face so important?

Our face also plays a critical role in physical attractiveness. The face is one of our most important possessions. It has been called “the organ of emotion” and, indeed, the face provides vital clues to our own feelings and those of the people around us. … While the face is the “organ” of emotion, it is also much more.

Is bye Felicia derogatory?

According to Ice Cube, who starred in the film and co-wrote its script, “Bye, Felicia” is “the phrase ‘to get anyone out of your face’,” and, as it was used in the Friday scene, is generally intended as a dismissive send-off.