Quick Answer: How Do I Track Someone From My Garmin InReach?

How do you send a message to an inReach device?

Sending a Message through the inReach MapShareVisit the MapShare page for the inReach device to be messaged.Select the inReach device to be messaged.Click Message.In the Send Message window enter your e-mail address or phone number and message.Click Send.More items….

What is Garmin Earthmate?

This versatile app lets you download detailed maps directly to your mobile device. Using your device’s GPS capabilities, Earthmate also allows you to determine your current location, navigate a route or find a waypoint, track your progress, set and manage waypoints and more.

What is Garmin MapShare?

MapShare™ MapShare is a web page that is similar to the map tab of the Garmin Explore™ website, but it enables others to see your location on the map. They can follow your travels in real-time and send you messages. Enabling the MapShare Feature.

Is Earthmate app free?

Earthmate® Extends the Power of inReach to Your Mobile Phone For even more messaging convenience and navigation capability, download the free Earthmate app and use Bluetooth® to pair inReach with your compatible Apple®, or Android® device1.

Can you text a Garmin inReach?

inReach devices do not have phone numbers assigned to them, they can only send SMS (text), email or inReach messages. Initiate a conversation with a recipient by sending them a message so they can reply to it. … Give access to their MapShare page so others can message them from there.

How do I use Garmin MapShare?

Setting Up MapShare for an inReach MiniLog in to your account at the Garmin Explore Website.Select Social.Click the MapShare Consent checkbox1Click MapShare: Off to turn on MapShare. If you see MapShare: On, no action is needed as Mapshare is already on.

How do I enable MapShare?

To enable MapShare follow the steps belowNavigate to the Social tab.Click on MapShare: Off button to enable MapShare.Once MapShare has been enabled, the MapShare button will display MapShare: On.Click on Map Share Settings or Filter MapShare Data buttons to configure MapShare.More items…•

What is Garmin explore?

The Garmin Explore App is a mobile application that allows users to sync compatible devices for trip planning and activity review without requiring a data connection. … It is not required to have a compatible Garmin device to log in to the mobile app, download maps to the app, or sync data between the Website and App.

How do I connect my inReach mini to my Iphone?

To Pair an inReach Mini to iOS:Press OK to open the main menu.Select Setup.Select Bluetooth.Select Pair Device.Open Earthmate on your iOS device.Touch.Touch Options.Touch Pair Device.More items…

Is Garmin inReach worth?

Its navigation functions have some flaws, but don’t get the InReach for that; it’s worth the cost just for the messaging and weather features. For a few hundred bucks, the Garmin InReach could save your life. It’s a no-brainer.

Which Garmin inReach should I buy?

Top Pick | Garmin inReach Mini Satellite Messenger The inReach Mini was the best performer by almost every measure. It has the most reliable message send (only unit to get every message out), it has by far the largest and most robust feature set, including exceptional tracking.

How much is Garmin inReach subscription?

Select and Activate a PlanSafetyRecreationSOSUnlimitedUnlimitedAnnual Plans$11.95/mo$24.95/moFreedom Plans$14.95/mo$34.95/moOverage Charges10 more rows

Can you use Garmin inReach without subscription?

The inReach Explorer+/SE+ can be used without a subscription. When you power on your inReach, you will encounter a message that states: “Welcome Communication features require activation”. From this screen, simply select Skip and the inReach will be ready to use.

Which is better spot or inReach?

The Spot X Bluetooth annual plans offer better value for money than the equivalent inReach plans, being around 17% cheaper for the Basic and Advanced plan and around 38% cheaper on the highest tracking-interval plan.