Quick Answer: How Many Seasons Does Better Than Us Have?

What car does the sniffer drive?

model MustangThe red sports sedan the Sniffer drives is hot.

It looks like it’s a newer model Mustang..

Who plays the BOT in better than us?

Series CastPaulina Andreeva…Arisa / … 16 episodes, 2018-2019Tatyana Ermilova…Cronos Hostess Bot 16 episodes, 2018-2019Juliet Goering…Head Teacher 16 episodes, 2018-2019Nikita Elenev…Noob 16 episodes, 2018-2019Rustam Minnibaev…Oleg Schukin 16 episodes, 2018-2019183 more rows

Who is the actress in better than us?

Paulina AndreevaArisaVera PanfilovaZhanna BarsenevaMariya LugovayaKurasIrina TarannikSvetlana ToropovaOlga LomonosovaAlla SafronovaBetter than Us/Actresses

What year is better than us set in?

2029The story takes place in 2029 where androids serve humans in various positions, even replacing them in many menial jobs.

Is better than us a remake of humans?

Why watch Netflix’s Better Than Us, a Russian TV show about cyborgs. … ‘Ludshe chem Ludi’), resembles the Swedish hit, Real Humans, and the Anglo-American series, Humans. It slightly goes into Westworld territory, too, but still retains its originality.

Will there be a season 4 of the sniffer?

Nyukhach Season 4 Release Date: 16 December 2019. … The program “Actual Camera +” was on the set of the 4th season of the series “Sniffer”.

How does better than us end?

The finale of ‘Better Than Us’ ends on a good note. It ties up all the storylines pretty well and gives us a clear picture of the future of certain characters. Alla and Georgy have come to a mutual understanding. She has taken Sonya to Australia while Egor has stayed back with his father.

Is Ozark Cancelled?

OZARK has been cancelled by Netflix after the US streaming platform confirmed season 4 would be the final series of the Jason Bateman and Laura Linney crime drama.

What language is the Sniffer?

RussianThe Sniffer/LanguagesThe Sniffer (Russian, Belarusian, and Ukrainian: Нюхач) is a Russian-language detective series produced and shot in Ukraine by FILM.UA Television, created, co-written, and directed by Artyom Litvinenko.

What language is better than us?

RussianBetter than Us/Languages

Will there be a second season of better than us?

Netflix neither renewed nor canceled the second installment of the series. Or to be more precise, it’s the third season. The debut season fans saw worldwide was actually the second season of the show. Netflix merged two Russian seasons to make one season of the series.

How many episodes of better than us are there?

16Better than Us/Number of episodes