Quick Answer: What Does Adroit Mean In English?

How do you use adroit?

Adroit sentence examplesIt was the adroit way to solve the problem.

He felt young, bright, adroit, and resolute.

He had an adroit tongue.

Proverbs aims to show a person how to become adroit at the greatest skill of all, the skill of living.More items….

What is the synonym of adroit?

adjective. 1’an adroit shot from a bunker enabled him to finish well’ SYNONYMS. skilful, adept, dexterous, deft, agile, nimble, nimble-fingered, handy. able, capable, competent, skilled, expert, masterly, masterful, master, practised, polished, slick, proficient, accomplished, gifted, talented, peerless.

How do I stop being a brat?

10 strategies to avoid raising a spoiled bratDon’t make it easy.Set limits. … Focus on what’s important. … Acknowledge their feelings. … Don’t give in. … Be a role model. … Act quickly. … Instill a sense of gratitude and generosity.More items…•

What means garrulous?

adjective. excessively talkative in a rambling, roundabout manner, especially about trivial matters. wordy or diffuse: a garrulous and boring speech.

What is ponderous?

adjective. of great weight; heavy; massive. awkward or unwieldy: He carried a ponderous burden on his back.

Is Brat a bad word?

Originally Answered: What is the meaning of BRAT? If it is an acronym to some word, then i didn’t get that. … Brat is a term used for a child especially an annoying, spoiled or impolite one who is difficult to manage.

What does adulation mean?

: excessive or slavish admiration or flattery enjoys the adulation of his fans.

What is a prolix?

adjective. extended to great, unnecessary, or tedious length; long and wordy. (of a person) given to speaking or writing at great or tedious length.

What does it mean if a guy calls you a brat?

Word forms: brats If you call someone, especially a child, a brat, you mean that he or she behaves badly or annoys you. [informal, disapproval] He’s a spoiled brat.

What is a baleful look?

bale′ful·ly adv. bale′ful·ness n. Usage Note: Baleful and baneful overlap in meaning, but baleful usually applies to something that is menacing or foreshadows evil: a baleful look. Baneful most often describes that which is actually harmful or destructive: baneful effects of their foreign policy.

What is the opposite word of adroit?

Antonyms: nonmechanical, uncoordinated, bumbling, unmechanical, ham-fisted, bungling, butterfingered, heavy-handed, tactless, maladroit, left-handed, handless, ham-handed, inept.

How do you use adulation in a sentence?

She expressed disdain at the adulation the industry gives to beauty over talent. Your strong desire for public adulation can become the single driving force in your life.

What is the meaning of adroit?

: having or showing skill, cleverness, or resourcefulness in handling situations an adroit leader adroit maneuvers.

Why is punk an insult?

Punk (n), “A worthless person.” Punk has had a long, sordid career as an insult in the English language. Shakespeare used it as an especially dirty word for prostitute in 1602. Eventually it came to mean young male prostitutes, particularly those paired up with seasoned railroad bums.

What is a duplicitous person?

adjective. The definition of duplicitous is being sneaky or deceitful. An example of a duplicitous person is someone who always lies to get her way.

What is self adulation?

: expressive of excessive admiration or flattery for oneself a self-adulatory acceptance speech.

What does loquacious mean?

adjective. talking or tending to talk much or freely; talkative; chattering; babbling; garrulous: a loquacious dinner guest. characterized by excessive talk; wordy: easily the most loquacious play of the season.

What does commenced mean?

verb. to start or begin; come or cause to come into being, operation, etc.

What is another word for gibberish?

What is another word for gibberish?nonsensedrivelblathertoshtwaddlebalderdashcobblersgarbagegobbledegookguff198 more rows