Quick Answer: What Does Suppliant Mean?

What is the meaning of mortification?


a feeling of humiliation or shame, as through some injury to one’s pride or self-respect.

a cause or source of such humiliation or shame.

the practice of asceticism by penitential discipline to overcome desire for sin and to strengthen the will..

What does peril mean?

to injury, loss, or destructionnoun. exposure to injury, loss, or destruction; grave risk; jeopardy; danger: They faced the peril of falling rocks. something that causes or may cause injury, loss, or destruction.

How do you use parable in a sentence?

Parable sentence examplesIt was a parable of impending doom. … The parable of the three rings is the epitome of the pragmatic position. … In the parable of the sower, Jesus Christ mentions an increase of thirty, sixty and an hundred fold. … only one parable, that of the sower, is given or referred to.More items…

What is livery use?

It can also be applied to horse-drawn carriages and vehicles that are used to promote a brand. But today, the most familiar use of the term livery, especially in the United States and in Canada, is in livery service or livery vehicle. Livery vehicles refer to vehicles for hire, which include taxis and limousines.

What are basic perils?

There are three different sets of perils that you can insure your property against. … Basic Form – covers your property against fire, lightning, explosion, smoke, windstorm, hail, riot, civil commotion, aircraft, vehicles, vandalism, sprinkler leakage, sinkhole collapse, volcanic action.

Why is it called livery?

The word itself derives from the French livrée, meaning dispensed, handed over. Most often it would indicate that the wearer of the livery was a servant, dependant, follower or friend of the owner of the livery, or, in the case of objects, that the object belonged to them.

Is Lackey a derogatory term?

Lackey is typically used as a derogatory term for a servant with little or no self-respect who belittles himself in order to gain an advantage.

What does livery mean?

noun, plural liv·er·ies. a distinctive uniform, badge, or device formerly provided by someone of rank or title for his retainers, as in time of war. a uniform worn by servants. distinctive attire worn by an official, a member of a company or guild, etc. Also called livery company.

What does the word mendicant mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : beggar sense 1 wandering mendicants. 2 often capitalized : a member of a religious order (such as the Franciscans) combining monastic life and outside religious activity and originally owning neither personal nor community property : friar.

What do you call someone who prays for you?

The word “prayer” means “a person who prays”. … Note that when spoken, “prayer” as a person is pronounced pray-er or pray-or, two syllables, while “prayer” as the thing you say is pronounced “prar”, one syllable.

How do you use tedium in a sentence?

Examples of tedium in a Sentence The movie was three hours of tedium. I took a day off to relieve the tedium of work.

What does mendicant order mean?

Mendicant orders are, primarily, certain Christian religious orders that have adopted a lifestyle of poverty, traveling, and living in urban areas for purposes of preaching, evangelization, and ministry, especially to the poor.

What is the definition of mendacious?

telling lies, especially habitually; dishonest; lying; untruthful: a mendacious person. false or untrue: a mendacious report.

What does supplicant mean?

English Language Learners Definition of supplicant formal : a person who asks for something in a respectful way from a powerful person or God.

How do you use suppliant in a sentence?

Suppliant sentence examplesnay, pity me, 0 king, for I avow myself thy suppliant. … They guaranteed absolute security to the suppliant within their limits. … Those of the first class were pedestals, so small and low that the suppliant could kneel upon them; these stood inside the temples, in front of the sacred image.More items…

What does definitively mean?

Definitively is a stronger word — anything definitive is official or conclusive. If a doctor gives you a definitive diagnosis, you know exactly what’s wrong. It’s not a promise that something will happen; it’s a done deal.

How do you use undulate in a sentence?

Undulate sentence examplesThe keys on the keyboard undulate in a slow sine wave. … undulate it was undulating with one reasonable hill would sum it up for me. … undulate in a slow sine wave. … undulate tee shot is required to set up the chance of playing over the water to reach the huge but undulating green.More items…

What is an example of a peril?

A peril is something that can cause a financial loss. Examples include falling, crashing your car, fire, wind, hail, lightning, water, volcanic eruptions, falling objects, illness, and death.