Quick Answer: What Movies Were Nominated For Best Picture In 1992?

What movies were nominated for best picture in 1995?

Best PictureForrest Gump.

Wendy Finerman, Steve Tisch and Steve Starkey, Producers.Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Duncan Kenworthy, Producer.Pulp Fiction.

Lawrence Bender, Producer.Quiz Show.

Robert Redford, Michael Jacobs, Julian Krainin and Michael Nozik, Producers.The Shawshank Redemption.

Niki Marvin, Producer..

Who won Movie of the Year 2020?

“Parasite” director Bong Joon Ho at the 92nd Academy Awards. The 2020 Academy Awards have wrapped at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. South Korea’s “Parasite” was the big winner of the night, picking up several key awards, including picture, director, original screenplay and international film.

What were the movies nominated for Best Picture in 2020?

Share All sharing options for: Here’s the full list of 2020 Oscar nomineesThe 2020 Oscars are finally here. … There are nine nominees for Best Picture this year: Ford v Ferrari, The Irishman, Jojo Rabbit, Joker, Little Women, Marriage Story, 1917, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and Parasite.More items…•

Did Jurassic Park win best picture?

Steven Spielberg finally won his Oscar last night at the 66th Annual Academy Awards, winning Best Director and Picture for “Schindler’s List.” … And “Jurassic Park,” Spielberg’s other picture this year, won three awards, coming in second in the sweepstakes. “The Piano” also took three Oscars.

What movies were nominated for best picture in 1991?

Best PictureTHE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (1991)Beauty and the Beast (1991)JFK (1991)1 more row

Who won best picture at Oscars?

ParasiteAcademy Award for Best Picture/Winners

What movies were nominated for best picture in 1993?

Best PictureUnforgiven. Clint Eastwood, Producer.The Crying Game. Stephen Woolley, Producer.A Few Good Men. David Brown, Rob Reiner and Andrew Scheinman, Producers.Howards End. Ismail Merchant, Producer.Scent of a Woman. Martin Brest, Producer.

Which movie won best picture in 1994?

Forrest GumpForrest Gump won six awards, including Best Picture.

What movies were nominated for best picture in 1989?

Best PictureDRIVING MISS DAISY (1989)Born on the Fourth of July (1989)Dead Poets Society (1989)1 more row

What movies were nominated for best picture in 1997?

Best PictureThe English Patient. Saul Zaentz, Producer.Fargo. Ethan Coen, Producer.Jerry Maguire. James L. Brooks, Laurence Mark, Richard Sakai and Cameron Crowe, Producers.Secrets & Lies. Simon Channing-Williams, Producer.Shine. Jane Scott, Producer.

Who is nominated for best actor in 2020?

The nominees for Actor In A Leading Role are: Antontio Banderas, Leonardo DiCaprio, Adam Driver, Joaquin Phoenix and Jonathan Pryce. This is both Antonio Banderas’ and Jonathan Pryce’s first nomination. For all the details, you can read more about the Oscars 2020 Actor In A Leading Role nominees below.

What movies were nominated for best picture in 1990?

Best PictureDANCES WITH WOLVES (1990)Awakenings (1990)GoodFellas (1990)1 more row

What movies were nominated for best picture in 1996?

Best PictureBraveheart. Mel Gibson, Alan Ladd, Jr. and Bruce Davey, Producers.Apollo 13. Brian Grazer, Producer.Babe. George Miller, Doug Mitchell and Bill Miller, Producers.The Postman (Il Postino) Mario Cecchi Gori, Vittorio Cecchi Gori and Gaetano Daniele, Producers.Sense and Sensibility. Lindsay Doran, Producer.

What movie won best picture over Shawshank?

Prison drama The Shawshank Redemption was beaten to the Best Picture gong in 1995 to the Tom Hanks-starring Forrest Gump. Another film set inside prison, The Green Mile, was voted in second place after it lost out to American Beauty in 2000.

Which movie won best picture in 1991?

Dances with WolvesKevin Costner Accepts the Best Picture Oscar|”Dances with Wolves” wins the 1991 Best Picture Oscar.