Quick Answer: Which Hashing Algorithm Is Recommended For The Protection Of Sensitive Unclassified Information Group Of Answer Choices?

What is the strength of using a hashing function?

For digital signature applications, the security strength of a hash function is normally its collision resistance strength.

When appropriate processing is applied to the data before it is hashed, the security strength may be more than the collision resistance strength (see Section 5.2.


What is the purpose of hashing?

Hashing is used to index and retrieve items in a database because it is faster to find the item using the shorter hashed key than to find it using the original value. It is also used in many encryption algorithms.

What are the Top 5 cyber threats?

Here are the current top five cyber threats that you should be aware of.Ransomware. … Phishing. … Data leakage. … Hacking. … Insider threat. … businessadviceservice.com. … businessadviceservice.com.

What is difference between hashing and encryption?

Encryption is a two-way function; what is encrypted can be decrypted with the proper key. Hashing, however, is a one-way function that scrambles plain text to produce a unique message digest. With a properly designed algorithm, there is no way to reverse the hashing process to reveal the original password.

Which two reasons describe why WEP is a weak protocol?

Which two reasons describe why WEP is a weak protocol? The key is transmitted in clear text. The key is static and repeats on a congested network. What is the name for the type of software that generates revenue by generating annoying pop-ups?

What type of attack will make illegitimate?

Phishing and spear phishing attacks It could involve an attachment to an email that loads malware onto your computer. It could also be a link to an illegitimate website that can trick you into downloading malware or handing over your personal information. Spear phishing is a very targeted type of phishing activity.

What is a strength of using a hashing function group of answer choices?

What is a strength of using a hashing function? It is a one-way function and not reversible. It is not commonly used in security. Two different files can be created that have the same output.

SHA-1 as specified in NIST FIPS 180-4: Secure Hash Standard [18] is approved for use with keyed-hash message authentication codes, key derivation functions and random bit generators for protecting UNCLASSIFIED, PROTECTED A, and PROTECTED B information. SHA-1 is not approved for use with digital signature algorithms.

What are hashing techniques?

Hashing. Hashing is a technique to convert a range of key values into a range of indexes of an array. We’re going to use modulo operator to get a range of key values. Consider an example of hash table of size 20, and the following items are to be stored. Item are in the (key,value) format.

What is the most difficult part of designing a cryptosystem?

Key exchange and management are often considered the most difficult part of designing a cryptosystem. Many cryptosystems have failed because of mistakes in their key management, and all modern cryptographic algorithms require key management procedures.

What hashing means?

Hashing is the process of converting a given key into another value. A hash function is used to generate the new value according to a mathematical algorithm. … A good hash function uses a one-way hashing algorithm, or in other words, the hash cannot be converted back into the original key.

Which technology can be used to protect VoIP against eavesdropping group of answer choices?

Updating your SBCs is one of the technologies that you can use to protect VoIP against eavesdropping.

What characteristics are needed to consider a hashing algorithm secure?

Cryptographic hash functions are utilized in order to keep data secured by providing three fundamental safety characteristics: pre-image resistance, second pre-image resistance, and collision resistance.

Which technology can be used to ensure data confidentiality?

EncryptionEncryption is an important technology used to protect confidentiality.

What are the two most effective ways to defend against malware?

Implement RAID. Implement strong passwords. Update the operating system and other application software. Install and update antivirus software.